Take a look at our great child and adult martial art programs! Each program is designed for a particular age group to help them thrive in Tae Kwon Do and outside of class. If you need help or more information, give us a call at (502) 337-7179.

We offer a 15% military discount and 20% off the highest tuition price for a family!

Lil’ Ninjas: Age 3 & 4

Lil’ Ninjas will learn the FUNdamentals of basic martial arts, develop coordination, focus and learn to follow directions. Our curriculum aims to assist in your child’s Kindergarten preparedness. Give us a call for more information! ($69 a month, 30-minute class)

Lil’ Dragons: Age 5-7

Lil’ Dragons will learn basic martial arts skills and age-appropriate self-defense. Our classes will help students develop focus, coordination, and the importance of hard work. The Lil’ Dragon curriculum aims to develop practices that contribute to school success. Give us a call for more information! ($79 a month, 45-minute class)

Elite Kids – Beginner (White, Yellow, and Orange): Age 7-16

Beginner classes are for students beginning their journey to Black Belt. Students in this class will learn core Tae Kwon Do skills including self-defense, punching, kicking, blocking, and basic sparring concepts. ($129 a month, 60 minute class)

Elite Kids- Intermediate (Green, Camo, and Purple): Age 8-16

Intermediate classes are for students who have graduated from our Beginner Training program. Students will begin learning intermediate Tae Kwon Do skills and applications. As students move through their ranks, more is expected from them in the areas of technique, knowledge, and overall attitude. ($129 a month, 60 minute class)

Elite Kids – Advanced (Blue, Brown, Red, Red-Black): Age 9-16

Advanced classes are for experienced martial arts students. Students will learn more advanced techniques and applications as they move towards achieving their Black Belt. Our advanced class is held to the highest standard of technique, knowledge, and overall attitude. ($129 a month, 60 minute class)

Advanced/Black Belts Only

This class has been specifically designed for Advanced and Black Belts to continue their training at a challenging pace. Students will develop a greater understanding of Tae Kwon Do and will have the opportunity to learn an exciting new curriculum while perfecting their skills. ($129 a month, 60-minute class)

Family Class- All Ranks, All Ages

There is no better way to bond with your family than participating in the same activity. At Advantage Martial Arts we offer a class for family members to train in Taekwondo together. Learn and practice together in our Sunday night Family Class with Master Cave. There is no age or rank limitation so the whole family can participate. (Each family member is $25 a month, 90 minute class)

Competition Team- Yellow Belt and Above, Age: 7 and Up 

We’re offering a new class for students who are interested in leading, helping others, and a desire to be an instructor at Advantage Martial Arts. Students will be taught how to lead drills, run a class, and learn how to become an instructor at Advantage Martial Arts. ($35 a month, 60 minute class)

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