“I am so thankful to Advantage Martial Arts for bringing my son so much joy!!! Master Sugar is truly a master at not only teaching techniques but discipline and respect!! My son has had a difficult year with losing his dad and this studio has brought him out of his shell and smiling again!!!! If your not a member yet you should be! Class act studio!!!!”

Linda P: Boy, 4 years old

“Advantage Martial Arts is a wonderful place for children to learn Tae Kwon Do.  My son has been with the skilled instructors for several years and has enjoyed every minute.  If you want your children to learn how to defend themselves, learn discipline, and responsibility while having fun… I can think of no better place than Advantage Martial Arts.  They provide a safe environment that helps the children feel part of a family.  As you consider your options, I would encourage you to check them out.”

Eric N: Boy, 13 years old

“Master Michael Sugar has been teaching Simon for the past five years. Simon was not very confident in the beginning.  Mr. Sugar has instilled a tremendous amount of self-confidence and most importantly traits of strong character. I am confident Mr. Sugar and Advantage Martial Arts will give their students the confidence to handle bullies and more importantly be good sons/daughters, students, friends etc.”

Lenny H: Boy 8, year old

“Advantage Martial Arts  has a great program. Master Sugar has a lot of patients with the kids and treat them with respect. My son loves to go to class and says he has a lot of fun. I love that on every graduation, I can see in my son’s face the feeling of  accomplishment , the class has helped build his self esteem and confidence as well as respect for others and  to wait for his turn.”

Liz B: Boy, 4 year old

“At Advantage, we have found a happy, positive, family oriented environment..everyone is always smiling….. what a wonderful example to set for our son! Mr. Sugar is not only a superior martial artist, but is a wonderful instructor: exemplifying honesty, integrity and commitment.(All the while with a smile on his face!) Our son has gained self-esteem, learned perseverance, and learned how to defend himself all while getting physically fit. We also love being a part of the competitive team….Pierce has been challenged and rewarded as a result of competing against other martial artists. Most of all we love that we are a part of a family at Advantage. And…family always comes first. :)”

Tracy H: Boy, 12 year old

“All of my grandchildren attend Advantage. Mr. Sugar has been very instrumental in the 8 and 10 year olds life after they lost their father. His class not only teaches the art of Martial Arts it also teaches the importance of displine and respect you must have in all aspects of life. Not only to others but to yourself.”

Ricky R: Boy/Girl, Age: Boys 6, 8, 10, Girl 9

“I can’t say enough nice things about Mr. Sugar and Advantage Martial Arts. We love the facility and staff. They are so patient with all the young students and my son is not only learning martial arts, but also how to be respectful and disciplined. If you’re thinking of starting martial arts, pick Advantage!”

Marcie D: Boy, 5 year old